"Salmon" get Best in Show in Changzhou,Dec 1, 2013


"Salmon" get 2 X Best in Show and BIS3 in Taizhou,Nov 23-24, 2013


"Salmon" get BIS1 and BIS2 in Jiaxing,Nov 16-17, 2013


"Salmon" get Best in Show in Suzhou,Nov 10, 2013


"Salmon" get Reserve Best in Show in Nantong,Nov 3, 2013


"Salmon" get BIS3 and BIS4 in Nanjing April 6-7, 2013

Welcome to HC Poms Kennel. We are a small kennel located in Nanjing,China. Andy or Zhi Chen started breeding Pomeranians since 2001, We are dedicating our time and effort trying to improve the breed Pomeranian in both type and soundness. Our goal is trying to produce excellent specimen of the breed for our breeding program and share with those breeders who have the same vision. We believe that if every pomeranian breeders in the world worked together, it would become one BIG breeding program and it would be easier and faster to achieve what we all are working hard for; that almost perfect pomeranian.

China NO1 Pomeranian 2014

China NO1 Pomeranian 2015